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What is 19.47? in Sacred Templar Geometry

Gravity is a disease of the EArth due to her lack thereof the sun's radiant energy. And just as disease is a symptom of an underlying cause, there too goes gravity manifesting as an effect of a greater causal factor. So, we must look at all the angles and points using these coordinates to isolate the intention of an overall message, so that we might see what relationship we share.

When I saw the equation; L2=EM if (cv) [(hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2, I didn't hear someone say it, nor did I see that written. It took months to align these symbols to a picture in my mind. Then as I labeled it with the correct symbols for understanding, more pictures in my head would surface to be analysed. An ongoing process, as if the acknowledgment of the information downloaded once became conscious, more would move through the subconscious to be acquired.

What I saw and had to work out was an image spinning counter clockwise.....when it stopped, one hand like that on a clock, the larger one was pointing at 120 degrees longitude. The other, the small one was fixed at 45 degrees NW latitude. Just that portion of the image spoke volumes, which took months of synchronicity and confirmation searching through piles of old books......(the artifact in the rubble of time) before I could move on to the next step.....

And gravity = time is what I now assume to be the anomaly.....a figure of speech that relates the relationship of effects resultant of one causal factor converging on expression through an index of refraction.

I found asymmetry in these coordinates.........the true point of origin did not strike the harmonic of light or sound. Instead, I found a second or new point in the degree of refraction where the energy became greater than the mass, shifting the ratios of energy and matter to our current construct.........a contained rest energy creating the wobble, bipolarity the dissention between electro-weak and magnetic-strong fields, a ferric domain in the iron core (planetary and physiological), dissention in the water..A left handed H20 and a right handed H20........dispersing magnetic tides that exhibit equatorial waters purged magnetically of particulate matter, giving one a greater depth in view of the bottom (if there is one) and the further from this point saturation and accumulation of heavy metals, dense waters without end.

In an overall picture I was shone as a comparison the perfect sphere and a line drawn from one point on its periphery, then with a linear magnetic velocity was drawn to the very center. NO line emerged from this center point, rather perfect concentric rings not in number of 6 for the 3 primary and 3 secondary color, rather there were 8, the center which was black and the outer periphery which was white. There was no need to differentiate color in dark bands of light........this was the L2.

This linear magnetic velocity is the light's full potential and when sound, which lies at the density of matter is equaled, a relationship shared in kinetic and potential energy through the mass, then the result is the concentric angular momentum responding to the linear peripheral energy trigger, so (q) = (p) as one and the same, and time is no longer an issue of debate, for there is no measure in between the lightning and thunder, and here sound and light become one in the aether. Here the line is the same as the curve, no motion, just in the stillness of the aether's moment.

Gravity is always attracting, a symptom of a ferric domain, where the mass at the core becomes a stronger but temporary magnet. In my imagination this gave the impression or implication of an incident angle for the linear velocity of light (kinetic potential) that did not equal its reflection, the core or nuclear mass where the energy potentials shift the angular momentum and the light is is in this angle of refraction, an index where gravity draws on the contained rest of the mass, and time results to measure the distance in between. This is where Planck's work enters in and the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect is the result of the obstruction in the m-shell of the iron atom, (isotopic bleeds emitting radiation) a radiate anomalous energy or the refraction of light. Planck measured the radiate energy thermodynamically and gave it a number.....6.6256 x 10 to the NEGATIVE 34th is spinning backwards..........moving counter clockwise.

Going back to the L2=Em if cv x hv x kinetic energy =, so I used Balmer's analysis of hydrogen (the only true bipolar sphere, as there is no neutron at its center) to isolate the differential, or deficit in light's kinetic and potential energy dependent on the mass......... all that remained was .6256 x 10 to the NEGATIVE 3rd power. This isolates the area between 19.5 degrees latitude and 19.47 degrees.

There is obstruction in the 3rd concentric ring whether it be an atom or a planet. And Earth the 3rd rock from the sun has a rainbow of spectral color that outlines both the need and the promise. But her tilt has set our universal circuit and its ballast mislaid, creating time and gravity in lieu of her alignment to the sun, where an incident angle does not equal its reflection.

We are riding on the wrong frequency that prevents us from seeing the light. The 120 degree longitude is not only the stabilizer for time and refraction, but it has the momentum of 60 degrees required to shift us clockwise and in link the true point of origin at Earth's center or core where all on the periphery becomes equidistant no matter where you stand on her surface.

We are seeing the effects of Earth and Sun recalibrating energy to matter ratios.....seismic and volcanic activity, extreme weather patterns, human behavior out of control..........the latter the most convincing sign to beware of in the end of time revelations. It is happening now, but will be complete in 2012. It will be a new beginning in the true light........when the sun aligns 90 degrees perpendicular to the convex surface of Earth running to the core where it is reversed in concentric harmony of sound making two convex and two concave inversions.......the only way to come out the same way you went in.........where every when and where are one.

There is blessing as Mars draws magnetically near, and the iron comet's traverse our planetary spaces infusing the necessary energy or strikes to shift our current domain. The fire dragon our sun flares out seemingly grasping the energetic comets sailing by, extracting energy to fracture the temporary but stronger magnetic core Earth has acquired through time. That energy will permeate the water dragon's domain, filling the air dragon's slumber with a new spark for humanity to gain strength and it will fullfill the Earth dragon's need to tend all that grows on her surface.

We are not forsaken and all of these are the signs we should be looking for. Keep your eyes to the skies because there is more yet for our minds to imagine.

The secret societies stole the truth as in time they lost the point as to why they were concealing it. Even though they conceal it from us, they themselves have not entered into it.....perhaps out of fear. Sorry for them as fear is an illusion. The only difference it would have made had they shared it, would have been to maintain some dignity.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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